VsCode Datree

Simple VSCode Extension that allows you to run Datree tests on Kubernetes configurations.

Detailed Info:

Improper Kubernetes configurations can lead to ineffective and hard-to-maintain resource allocations, in worst cases it can break the whole CI/CD if not detected in earlier stages of deployment.
The VSCode Datree extension uses Datree under the hood to gather information about the YAML and Helm configurations and generate errors and suggestions that can be displayed right inside the code editor for the developer to act upon, as the Datree CLI currently doesn’t show the line number where the error is occurring this can help developers to find errors easily in large configurations. This open-source extension extends Datree’s functionality by allowing users to use custom policies made with Datree and use them directly through VSCode. The extension also simplifies it for the developer to correct the errors during the development phase rather than waiting for warnings later during the CI/CD pipelines.

Read more about the project and my win here => VSCode Datree: Datree’s power now in your code editor 💪

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