Top Projects

   AI Dancer

A Long Short Term Memory Neural Network and Style GAN based Dancer that can generate new dance steps.




Showcased in Google

   VsCode Datree

Simple VSCode Extension that allows you to run Datree tests on Kubernetes configurations.


Datree CLI

Hackathon Winner

Driving AID

Realtime Collision Prediction and Prevention using Artificial Intelligence for Automobiles



Simple Controller

We introduce Simple Controller a secure, anonymous and free remote desktop controller, which allows you to connect to any machine of any platform through the browser without any hassle.




Maval GIS Attendance

Location based Attendance monitoring Android Application for Government Offices in Pune Maval Region




Android App developed for Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune. This app provides an individual platform for the institute to share the official notices with its students.



Mask Detector

Realtime Camera enabled Web Application for detecting whether the subject is wearing mask in public areas amid of Covid-19



PCET Covid Task Force

CRM inspired system to help more than 1000 people get information about critical facilities during pandemic.




Learning Projects

Anime Generator

Generative Adversarial Networks based Anime face generator with the ability to control top features learned by the neural network

Lite Neural Networks

Javascript Library for faster Neural Network Implementation on low-end devices

Website for Pune Business School

Website developed for PCET's Pune Business School as a part of Paid Internship at LoGeek Solutions

DSC WoW Badge Maker

Computer Vision based badge maker for creating Badges for Developer Student Clubs WOW event.

3D Interior Designer

A webapp developed using Three.js for clients under the internship at LoGeek for showcasing various textures on 3D models of rooms

Fashion Classifier

A Simple Fashion Classifier Made in TensorFlow.js and Trained on MNIST Dataset

Genetic Flappy Bird

A Genetically Flappy Bird that learns over time how to play the game using Genetic Algorithm and eventually becomes the best player.

Neural Net Playground

A webapp developed using TensorFlow.js that allows user to select different optimizers, loss function, hyper-parameters for the toy Neural Network


Mousse on Chain is a Decentralized Application built on Ethereum Network

BlockChain Simulator

Webapp build in Angular, simulates the process happening on real blockchain to gain insights and know more about the concepts.

Sentimental Analysis

A webapp that can be also be used as an rest api for sentimental analysis of sentences. It can detect the nature of sentence

Linear Regression Visualizer

A webapp built with TensorFlow.js that shows the Linear Regression Algorithm in action

RTC video

A WebRTC based video calling webapp, allows you to connect with your friend allowing private channel with minimal quality loss.Connect with QR code or share the link.

Coding Hub

A online platform where developers can meet with other developers in their vicinity.Using Google Map API get the location of our fellow developers. Location updated in realtime.

Ninja Smoothies

A CURD smoothie recipe webapp where any-one can add their smoothie recipe for the community


Global Chatting webapp for the community

Commits Tracker

Website for tracking commits in the repo with the help of Github API, originally made for my own use.


A simple voice recognition software built with .Net framework It can perform various tasks such as text-reader, music player , browse web , HTML scraping ,telling jokes , adding commands to database


A sorting algorithms visualizer made as an assignment.


A random number generator with Python Web development framework Flask. It can also server as an API giving back Json response.


A web server for allowing students to download assignments and lecturer's ppt directly from the server. Using github api for file serving purpose.

DDA Visualizer

A webapp for visualizing the working of DDA line drawing algorithm, where user can try various conditions and see the results instantly.

Eigen Values

A webapp for cross checking the solutions for eigen values and eigen vectors problems.